Crystal Guide

African (Green) Turquoise: 

Activates the heart and throat chakras to speak one’s truth from the heart

Enhances communication w/ the spiritual realm 

Protects from negative influences

Energizes us after we’ve been around many energies (spiritual reset) 

Balances masculine and feminine energies

Invites us to be a student of life 

Brings forth compassion and kindness 


A powerful protection crystal 

Activates the crown and third eye chakras and is known as the “stone of the mind” 

Heightens intuition, awareness, and insight

Blocks against psychic attacks

Manifests positive experiences 

Can be used during meditation to reach Higher Self

Controls overindulgence and supports sobriety

Rids of fears and anxieties

Helps overcome any type of loss



Rare stone that activates the crown, third eye, and throat chakras

Heightens awareness, clear perception, and intuition

Enhances telepathic communication and meditative practices

Facilitates contant w/ angelic realm by bridging gap between the spiritual and physical

Protects from psychic attacks and psychological pain



Activates throat and heart chakra to communicate truths from the heart 

Redices stress and calms the mind 

Enhances the light within while blocking forces of darkness 

Harmonizes one’s surroundings 

Great for empaths to prevent absorbing negative energies while still aiding the collective 

Gives closure in unhealthy situations and unfinished business

Promotes self expression and confidence 

Aids in the understanding and processing of emotion 

Heals sore throats, swollen glands, immune system, and the thyroid

Heightens one’s intuition and clairvoyance 

May be used for meditation to tap into the Higher Self



Activates the heart chakra/heart center 

Manifests abundance, prosperity, and good health

Reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness

Brings forth compassion, empathy, and perseverance

Enhances creativity towards one’s passions

Calms anger and irritations

Benefits the thymus gland, connective tissue, and nervous system

Repels energy vampires



Activates the sacral chakra to intensify passions, sensuality, and creativity 

Known as “the artist’s stone” because it enhances confidence and expression

Empowers one during professional pursuits and personal projects 

Circulates vital energy to one’s core center, which contains deep desires and powerful creative instincts 

Rids of overthinking and anxieties 

Helps recognize self worth and to never settle



Grounds and protects the mind, body, and spirit by activating the root chakra

Rids of negative energies from entering one’s biofield, aka the “aura”

Boosts self esteem and confidence

For security and stable foundations within oneself and the environment 

Beneficial in legal situations and encourages best possible outcome



Activates the heart chakra for unconditional love of self and compassion w/ others 

Attracts abundance and prosperity 

A stone of good luck that brings forth positive experiences 

Removes toxins and balances Ph levels within the body 

Calms the central nervous system to direct passions towards positive actions

Harmonizes and strengthens relationships 


Lava Stone:

Activates the root chakra for grounding and strong foundations 

Offers assertive energy w/ the fire element while synergistically bringing forth balance w/ the earth element. This is the alchemical result of earth and fire coming together.

Powerful protection from negative energies 

Recharges one’s aura to maintain a high frequency 

Reduces fears and anxieties while eliminating self doubt/negative self talk

Essential oils may be placed on the lava stone for aromatherapy throughout the day 



Mother Of Pearl Shell: 

Activates the solar plexus chakra for self expression, courage, and inner strength

Secondary activated chakra is the throat chakra to speak one’s truth

Heals traumas by bringing forth the healing power of the sea 

Relieves stress and calms/balances emotions 

Heightens intuition, imagination, and empath superpowers 

Enables us to easily express feelings of love and affection 

Aids in clarity during decision making 

Improves home life situations


Obsidian (black, gold, etc):

Activates the root chakra for stable foundations and grounding 

The “Stone of Truth” that reveals truths within oneself and in the environment

Excellent for inner work and healing traumas or trauma bonds

Provides strength and willpower 

Protects from negative energies and is perfect for empaths who absorb energies 

Encourages growth/the level up

May be utilized for past life karmic healing


Rose Quartz:

The most powerful crystal for the Heart Chakra activation 

Brings forth unconditional love for self and for one’s environment 

Attracts loving and positive relationships for wearer

Restores trust and harmony 

Draws out negative energy and replaces w/ love frequency


Tiger’s Eye:

Activates the solar plexus chakra to find courage and personal power

A crystal that combines earth and sun energies

Stimulates the rise of kundalini energy

Powerful protection stone that wards off psychic attacks

Rids of fears, anxieties, depression, and internal conflicts

Helps recognize one’s self worth 

Enhances creativity and expression of one’s true self

Heals the reproductive organs and throat