A message from Anh -

I launched my first collection on April 4, 2021 at 11:11am PST on Easter Sunday. A lot of growth has happened in two years in both business and personal matters. I have grown up. A whole fucking lot. 

In respect to the business itself, I learned what works best for me in running a creative business that requires me to be both the artist and person behind operations. I figured out the best route for me in order to not compromise the mission at hand, and it is the route that still gives me the ability to make every piece by hand.

I also kept in my love for human connection, which is why I still personally do the pop up shops. My portable stores generate a very good portion of income while effectively marketing the brand. It is a win/win situation. 


In terms of my own self-discovery, I can confidently say that I am a spiritual being having a human experience.

I utilized the knowledge that I have learned from various beliefs and religions to tie it to my personal dharma.

At the end of the day, I may be controversial to some, but I can sleep at night knowing I came to this conclusion and understanding through having the utmost respect for ALL of mankind.


Do I believe in God? Yes.

Do I worship deities? No.

Do I believe we can learn something from every single archetype and spirit?

Without a doubt, my answer is yes. 


As I get ready to launch SV GOLD on Sunday 7/02/23, I can’t help but smile at the road that led me here. When I thought things were over many times, they were only just beginning. 


I’ve wanted to throw in the towel on this dream so many times. 

God put the vision on my heart and the gift in my hands.

I kept going despite the adversity. I never folded on my dream... And now here we are. 


SV GOLD is the highest quality collection I have ever launched.

Each bracelet contains authentic & genuine healing crystals with ONLY 20K GOLD-FILLED BEADS.

Permanence to the highest quality from this day forward. That's a promise.


Thank you for believing in the SV mission. I am eternally grateful for each and every person who has supported the growth of my baby. 

Aum, Shantivanha.


XO, A 


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