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Sacred Protection: St Judas 18k Gold - Los Trainers x SV Collab

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Size (inches in diameter)

This exclusive bracelet contains a Limited 18k Gold Filled Virgen Mary Amulet surrounded by genuine onyx & accented w/ a single moonstone.


A powerful crystal that works against negative energies.
Onyx activates the Root Chakra for grounding and strength while shielding psychic attacks and creates a positive forcefield.
Grounds mind, body, and soul.
Onyx prevents any type of relapses and enhances mastery of self.

Moonstone Healing Properties:

  • Physical: Moonstone is used in crystal healing to promote weight loss and as a remedy for female hormonal problems. It is also used to cure anemia, digestive disorders, eating disorders and menstrual irregularities.
  • Emotional: Moonstone is known as the gem of inner growth and strength. ...
  • Spiritual: The moonstone symbolizes fertility, sensuality, intuition, emotional balance and good fortune