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Infinita Rosa

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Infinita Rosa contains the following powerful & genuine crystals accented by a vibrant gold-plated connector:

Onyx - Root Chakra activation, strength, courage, powerful foundations within the Self.

Rose Quartz - Heart Chakra activation, self love, unconditional love, strong relationships

Howlite - Crown Chakra & Third Eye Chakra activation, regulating emotions, dissipating anger, powerful manifesting abilities

In ancient mythology, roses symbolize eternal love in how the gods interacted with each other and human beings. 

Pagans use roses as meaningful decorations to represent their hearts. 

Muslims view roses as symbols of the human soul. The scent is a reminder of one’s inner spirituality. 

Hindus and Buddhists see roses as expressions of spiritual joy and endless love. 

Christians view roses as reminders of the Garden of Eden, a paradise in a world that reflected God's design before sin came about. 

The red evil eye in “Infinita Rosa” is a representation of the Love Frequency, a Rose, and the opening of our Third Eye Chakra. It represents the budding rose which starts as a seed. And as a seed blooms, it becomes a beautiful flower with multiple, complex layers. 

A seed blooms similar to our consciousness. As our soul progresses, so does growth and enlightenment. We are rebirthed again and again, each time more beautifully than the other. 

May Infinita Rosa protect your spirit and being while uplifting you to vibrating at the Frequency of Love.

This is where magic happens.

This is where life truly begins and dreams come true.


Infinita Rosa is a collaboration between Shantivanha and Alma, owner of Top Notch West Covina in West Covina, CA.

There will only be 33 pieces sold total.