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Burning sage — also known as cleansing — is an ancient ritual used to clear negative energies and purify the air.


Some of you guys have a less “far out” perception of me from when I was breaking down supplement ingredients. It’s honestly all one and the same when it comes to WHY I do the things that I do.


Within spirituality is science, for understanding the logic behind energy and frequency is how we understand how to navigate this earthly plane.


Burning sage releases negative ions. This then neutralizes positive ions which are common allergens like:

  • pet dander

  • pollution

  • dust

  • mold

Sage helps respiratory conditions, but keep in mind it should not be inhaled deeply during the cleansing. Wait until the smoke clears out through open windows and doors before entering the room.


Cleanse your space.


Cleanse your energy.


Cleanse your mind.