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BLUELINE CONTAINS ONYX (Root Chakra activation - strength, strong foundations, bravery amidst adversity) AND BLUE TIGER'S EYE (Sacral Chakra - courage, empowerment, reducing fears/anxieties). 


On Tuesday June 14, 2022, two El Monte Officers were shot and killed while reporting to a stabbing at a motel. They were identified by city and county coroner’s officials Wednesday as Cpl. Michael Domingo Paredes and Officer Joseph Anthony Santana. 

Both men “were raised in the city of El Monte [which is only about 5 miles from my city and 10 minutes away without heavy traffic] and had a strong connection to the community they served.” 

They both lived in Upland, CA. Although I did not know these two men personally, I had met and gotten to know relatives of theirs. I also heard stories about the heroic men from my clients and peers. It was a tragic event that hit close to home… close to my new home. 

Although I am only 28 years young, I know that my purpose on this Earth is to serve and to do so using my God given abilities. I created these pieces in honor of SGT Paredes and Officer Santana. 

40% of the proceeds for these pieces will be split and directly donated to the two families affected by the tragic shooting. This is a permanent piece on the website and will forever be available for as long as the Shantivanha legacy continues. 


Let’s continue to do better and be the change we wish to see in the world. Remember to think globally and act locally. Positive change is like a domino effect.

Om, Shantivanha my friends - Peace and Light Within Nirvana. ALL GLORY TO GOD. -A