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Size (inches in diameter)

ANH IT contains clear quartz, also known as "the keeper of time" through piezoelectricity. Quartz is the only organic material found in watches and clocks because it aids in keeping time running smoothly as a result of the crystal's high frequency. 

Chakras activated - Crown Chakra (amplifies manifestation power w/ transmuting thoughts into existence & increases energy/abundance/flow)

Numerical Vibration - 2


I have always believed that as a community, we move better together.

"Stronger together."

This way of thinking was adopted long before I started taking my fitness career seriously as a professional coach/trainer. 

I saw it firsthand with myself as well as with different collectives. There is no way that a movement can scale with just one single person. 


ANH IT is dedicated to all of my clients who have turned into friends, family, or even into those that I mentor long after I finished training them.

I meet most of my clients in the most unusual ways.

Some call it fate...

I call it DESTINY. 

I extend out my love to each and every one of you.

Thank you for believing in Shantivanha & Anh It Fitness.