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Shantivanha by Anh Vu


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Size (Inches in Diameter)

“Positive Zeal” contains the energetic signature of Team Mom Ana.

Crystals: 10mm Rose Quartz, 10mm Teal Tiger’s Eye

Rose Quartz is the crystal of “unconditional love” and is used for self-love healing as well as the strengthening of existing relationships. Providing a deep sense of personal fulfillment and contentment, Rose Quartz inspires the love and beauty in everything that exists around you. 

Tiger’s Eye is for protection of all evil while getting rid of the negativity that exists within oneself. To eliminate fear and anxiety is the duty of the Tiger’s Eye crystal. 

Zeal is the dedication and enthusiasm to push towards one’s North Star, to keep going even when things seem impossible and the odds are against you. Because what if… things end up working out better than you could have imagined?

Go forth with Positive Zeal.